Bone Grafting in Haverhill

Bone Grafting in Haverhill

Bone Grafting in Haverhill - Genesis Dental of Haverhill

Bone loss in the jawbone is common when one or more teeth have been lost due to injury, decay, or trauma. Bone grafting is where the jawbone is built up to accommodate a dental implant or other restorative device. We can also use this procedure to help repair fractures or otherwise heal damage to the jawbone. Because our office does a lot of dental implant procedures, bone grafting is a common procedure for our team.

Bone Grafting Near Me, 01830 - How it Works

We offer bone grafting procedures to build up the jawbone in areas where dental implants may be placed.

Dental socket preservation is a procedure to prevent further loss of bone after removal of your tooth. This procedure is also called alveolar ridge preservation which involves placement of bone materials in the socket of a newly extracted tooth.

Why is Tooth Socket Preservation needed?

When a tooth is removed, the body’s usual response is to resorb the bone in the area because it is no longer required to hold the tooth in place. This leaves a hole in the bone and accelerates bone loss furthermore.

Socket preservation after tooth extraction is beneficial for those who would want to have dental implants in the future. There is a higher success rate for dental implants placed in a preserved socket due to increased bone support.
If you prefer a fixed bridge, a deficient bone will appear as an indentation in the gums which is highly susceptible to stuck food under the artificial tooth. And due to continuous bone loss, a space between the artificial tooth and gums might occur afterwards. Hence even if you don't want an implant in future it would make sense to discuss how the socket preservation procedure can be beneficial in your particular case with our experienced dentist here at Genesis Dental.

Procedure on Ridge Preservation after Tooth Extraction

At Genesis Dental, we perform socket preservation after tooth extraction to give you a highly aesthetic, functional and long lasting replacement of your missing tooth afterwards.

After removing the tooth, our dentist will place a biocompatible bone graft material inside the socket or hole in the jaw bone like bone particles or collagen plugs. Then, she will close the socket by suturing it with an absorbable thread to promote healing of the surgical site.

For questions regarding tooth socket preservation in Haverhill, it is best that you consult your dentist to be able to explain more of the benefits of this procedure. We would love to walk you through the procedure before having your tooth removed.

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